"In December 1983 a small group of local residents formed a peaceful protest when work commenced on a road from Cape Tribulation to Bloomfield in Australia's tropical north east."

The Story of the Daintree Blockade

The road would go through one of the last remaining areas of tropical lowland rainforest in the country and traverse the recently declared Cape Tribulation National Park.

When the protest halted the Douglas Shire Council's road work the police moved in and many protesters were arrested. But the blockade was bolstered by southern supporters and the protest escalated into a full scale environmental confrontation which came to be known as the Daintree Blockade. Find out more about the blockade here...

'North of the River' is the title of a proposed book about the Daintree Blockade. It is currently being researched and written by Mossman writer and resident Bill Wilkie.

The blockade was a defining event at the dawning of the environment movement in Australia, involved many prominent people and helped put the Daintree 'on the map'.

A major study on the blockade and its legacy is long overdue. Drawing from interviews, personal letters and firsthand accounts from the cast of colourful characters, newspaper reports and previously untapped archives, this work will be the defining account of the Daintree Blockade. Find out more about progress on the book 'North of the River' by visiting my Facebook page.

Were you there?

Did you live in Cape Tribulation or Bloomfield in the early to mid 1980s?
Were you a member of the Nomadic Action Group who travelled from a southern state to join the protest?
Did you work on the road?
Can you identify yourself or people you know in photos on this website?
Were you a tourist who took a photo of the action?
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